Adversary - Filing Fees

Rev. 1/15/2019


28 U.S.C. 1930

Miscellaneous Fee Schedule Item #6


Exceptions to the Fee

No fee when:


  • An individual debtor or a debtor in possession acting for the benefit of an individual debtor files the adversary complaint.  (This exemption does not apply when filing a complaint for a chapter 11 or 12 bankrupt estate.


  • The plaintiff is the United States, other than a Bankruptcy Administrator or the United States trustee acting as a trustee.

  • A child support creditor or its representative is the plaintiff, and if such plaintiff files Form 2810 as required by ยง 304(g) of the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1994.

Fee deferred when:


โ— The case trustee for a "no asset" case is the plaintiff.  (The bankrupt estate has no liquid funds to pay the fee).

โ— Court enters an order granting the plaintiff's motion to defer the filing fee.