Summons Service Executed

Fed. R. Bankr. P. 7004

Process, Service of Summons, Complaint


General Information


When a new adversary case is commenced, a Summons is issued and provided to the plaintiff (or its attorney ).  The plaintiff/plaintiff’s attorney then serves the Summons, along with the Complaint, upon each defendant.


Each defendant has 30 days within which to answer the Complaint (35 days if the defendant is the United States, any of its offices or any of its agencies).


Once service of the Summons and Complaint have been obtained on the defendant(s), the Plaintiff files with the court proof that service has been obtained.  This "proof" is called Certification of Service, or sometimes referred to as Summons Service Executed.    If service was not obtained, the plaintiff may or may not submit a Certification of Service which states that service was not obtained.  Such a document is often referred to as Summons Service Unexecuted.



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