Amended List of Creditors (Fee)

Rev. 12/12/2017


Miss. Bankr. L R. 1009-1(a)(1)(C)


An amended list of creditors is required when:

  • adding a creditor

  • adding an address for a creditor that was previously listed without an address

  • removing a creditor




Amended List of Creditors (matrix)

Filing Fee




  • Retrieve list of creditors from CM/ECF

[Query >List of Creditors]

Verify the case number

Select the format radio button for 3 columns

Click [Run Report]

  • Save the Label Matrix ("PDF document")

  • Make changes on the PDF document; marking each change with an asterisk ( * ).  When removing a creditor, line through the creditor's information (do not XXX through the information).

  • File the Amended List of Creditors (matrix)

    Docket Event:
    [Bankruptcy> Other> Amended List of Creditors (Fee)] Docket event allows you to add creditors (input only the additional creditors).




When amending schedules D and/or E/F include the amended list of creditors (matrix) as an attachment.

Docket Event:

[Bankruptcy> Other> Amended Schedules D and/or E/F (Fee)]


*Filing the amended list of creditors (matrix) as a separate filing requires a fee.