Chapter 13 Amendment to Schedules

Rev. 6/1/2018


See Amendment to Schedule C  - The Property You Claim as Exempt

See Amendment to Schedule H - Your Codebtors



Amendment to schedules and List of Creditors (matrix or mailing list) is necessary when:

  • Adding creditors (this includes when adding an address for a creditor that previously had no address on the matrix)
  • Deleting creditors
  • Changing the amount of a debt
  • Changing the classification of a debt


A filing fee is due when amending schedules D and/or E/F or List of Creditors (matrix or mailing list).


 A filing fee is accessed per filing.  To avoid multiple fees you should file amended schedules and the list of creditors together as one transaction (filing).


Docket Events Re: Notices


[Bankruptcy> Notice (21 day)] Amending Schedules but not adding a creditor

[Bankruptcy> Notice (30 day)] Amending Schedule C (only)

[Bankruptcy> Notice> Notice to Creditors Added by Amendment] Adding a creditor

Docket Events Re: Amended Schedules


[Bankruptcy> Other> Amended Schedules D and/or E/F (Fee)]

[Bankruptcy> Other> Amended Schedules A/B, C, G, H, I, J, or J-2 (No Fee)]


Amendment to Schedules D and/or E/F or List of Creditors:




Changes Made to Plan see:



Amendment to Schedules A/B, G, H, I, J, or J-2:




If  amendment affects the Plan see: