Rev. 1/22/2019



Answer/Response is a reply and/or objection to a pleading filed in a case.






Certificate of Service


Docket Event:


[Bankruptcy> Answer/Response> Reference an Existing motion/application]


  • Select the type of answer according to the style of the pleading:


    • Answer

    • Objection

    • Objection to Professional Fees (Select this option when filing an objection to a application for compensation/fees/expenses etc..) 

    • Reply

    • Response

  • If not filing with another attorney, skip the "Joint filing with other attorney(s)" screen [Next}

  • Select the party you represent [Next]

  • The attorney/party association screen will appear if you have not filed an entry of appearance on behalf of the respondent.  Select the box to associate you as the respondent's attorney [Next]

  • Browse and attach the pdf document


    • If you have attachments, click on the Yes radio button and browse and attach your pdf for the attachment.  After finishing attaching all the attachments click [Next]

  • Check the box for "Refer to existing event(s)?" [Next]

  • Select the category that your answer relates. If you are unsure of the category, select all the categories [Next]

  • Check the box that your answer relates. [Next]

  • Docket text screen - If applicable select the appropriate prefix from the drop down list.  You may include additional text in the text field.  Verify the docket text [Next]

  • Final Docket Text Screen, verify all information is correct.  [Next]

  • Notice of Electronic Filing Screen (NEF).  You may print this page as your receipt for filing the answer.