Release Registry Funds from Court Registry (Motion/Application)

Rev. 1/28/2019


28 U.S.C. § 2042


This topic is specific to depositing funds, other than Interpleader Funds or Unclaimed Funds, in the court registry.


See Interpleader Disbursement to disburse funds related to an Interpleader Action under 28 U.S.C. § 1335.

See Release Unclaimed Funds from Court Registry to disburse unclaimed funds pursuant Fed. R. Bank. P. 3011  and 11. U.S.C. § 347



Registry Funds

Docket Event:


[Bankruptcy> Motions/Applications> Release Funds from Court Registry]




KMS Cases

NPO Cases

Motion with Certificate of Service*

Motion with Certificate of Service*

Proposed Order

Proposed Order


*The motion must provide the following information; and the movant must serve the motion on all interested parties:

    1. Payee name;
    2. Payment amount (dollar amount or sum certain); and
    3. the account from which the payment will be made.