Waive Chapter 7 Filing Fee (Application)

Rev. 9/14/2016


An individual chapter 7 debtor may file an application to have the chapter 7 filing fee waived in lieu of paying the filing fee or filing an installment application.


The waiver application must conform substantially to Official Form 103B Application to Have the Chapter 7 Filing Fee Waived.


Note: An order waiving the original chapter 7 filing fee does not waive other bankruptcy court fees. A debtor whose chapter 7 filing fee has been waived (an "IFP debtor") may request the court waive other bankruptcy court fees by filing a separate motion and proposed order.  


IFP Debtor Converts to another Chapter

  • If an IFP debtor's case converts to another chapter, the debtor must pay the full filing fee required for that chapter.
  • The proposed conversion order should give the debtor a reasonable time to either pay the filing fee in full or begin making installment payments.  


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Application (Official Form 103B)

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