Uploading Creditors in CM/ECF



When uploading creditors in the system the file must be in text format (".txt file").  The .txt file should contain the name and address ("information") of each entity included or to be included on Schedules D, E/F, G. and H.


Do not include information for the:

  • debtor
  • joint debtor
  • case trustee
  • United States trustee


Effective September 1, 2016 the debtor's attorney is not required to docket the event "Creditor Disk/Matrix Uploaded", the ECF system will docket the upload process.



Docket Event:

[Bankruptcy> Creditor Maintenance> Upload list of creditors file]


Input case number [Next]




Browse appropriate folder for scanned creditor matrix (.txt file) and select [Next]




Number of creditors entered will display. Verify the number entered is equal to the number on the matrix  [Submit]




Creditors Receipt displays