Notice of Filing Chapter 13 Plan

Rev. 2/04/2019


Miss. Bankr. L.R. 3015-1(d)



Pursuant to Miss. Bankr. L.R. 3015-1(d), the debtor must serve the Chapter 13 Plan (the "Plan") and Notice of the Filing of the Plan (the "Notice") on the trustee, US Trustee, and all creditors no later than seven (7) days after the filing of the Notice of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case (Official Form 309I) a/k/a 341 notice or the filing of the plan, whichever is later.  


When the plan includes motions for valuation or lien avoidance service must be made by Rule 7004.


Local forms are available for download at


Visit the court's YouTube page to view videos explaining the filing/noticing process.





- Notice of Filing Chapter 13 Plan and Motions for Valuation and LIen Avoidance

- Certificate of Service

See Local Form MSSB-LR-3015-1

See Local Form MSSB-LR-3015-1-COS


- Copy of Plan attached to the Notice


Docket Event:


[Bankruptcy> Plan> Notice of Filing Chapter 13 Plan]

[Bankruptcy> Notices> Notice of Filing Chapter 13 Plan]


Notice must provide:


  • *Deadline for filing objection to confirmation

  • Objections must be filed in writing with the Clerk of Court

  • Specific parties to be served with the objection

  • *Confirmation hearing date, time, and location

  • That the court may confirm the plan without a hearing if no objection is timely filed.


Note: *The objection deadline and confirmation hearing information is taken from Part 9 of the Notice of Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case Filing (Official Form 309I a/k/a 341 notice).