Dismiss Debtor - Motion/Notice for Non-Payment



Upon the debtors failure to make payments in a chapter 13 case, the trustee may file a Motion and Notice to Dismiss the Case for Non-Payment.  This event is used when the motion provides  a hearing date and time.


A motion for non-payment with no hearing date must be docketed using the event: [Bankruptcy> Motions/Applications> Dismiss Debtor for Failure to Make Plan Payments].


Docket Events:

[Bankruptcy> Trustee/US Trustee> Dismiss Debtor - Motion/Notice for Non-Payment]


Filing Amended Motion:


  1. File amended motion using the above docket event; and

  2. Select "Amended" from the drop down prefix box.


EE Cases

KMS Cases

NPO Cases

Motion and Notice with Certificate of Service

Motion and Notice  with Certificate of Service

Motion and Notice  with Certificate of Service

*Proposed Order

*Proposed Order

*Proposed Order




Motion combined with Notice must set out the response deadline, hearing date, time, and location.

*When attaching a proposed order, the filer can not file using the batch filing event.