Emergency Filing Procedures When the ECF System is Unavailable

Rev. 1/15/2019



The Clerk's Office has emergency filing procedures for filing documents when the CM/ECF system is unavailable due to court technical difficulties.




During Regular Business Hours

The registered user should call the appropriate location of the Bankruptcy Clerk's office and speak with an Operations Manager or Chief Deputy.  In the manager's absence, talk with the case administrator assigned to the case.


Jackson 601-608-4600

Gulfport 228-563-1790


  • The registered must explain why an immediate filing is necessary.


  • Court staff will make suitable arrangements to accept the filing.


  • The filing will become effective upon receipt and will be electronically entered and docketed, by Court staff, when the ECF system becomes available unless otherwise ordered by the Court.


After Close of Business

If a registered user is unable to access because of the technological failure of the ECF system and the filing is time sensitive, the registered user should call the Court's emergency phone number:  601-608-4603.


  • Court staff will make arrangements with the registered user to accept the filing.


  • The filing is effective upon receipt and Court staff will electronically enter and docket the filing when the ECF system becomes available unless otherwise ordered by the Court.


If the Court determines that the failure to electronically file is an error of the registered user, or misuse or abuse of the emergency filing procedures, the Court may strike the document, issue sanctions, and require additional mandatory training.