Rev. 5/22/2018


Reference an Existing motion/application



Objection to Professional Fees




Other Answers

Involuntary Answer


Addendum to Record on Appeal

Agreed Statement in Lieu of ROA

Appellant Designation

Appellee Designation

Certification of Direct Appeal to Court of Appeals

Certification of No Transcript Ordered

Certification to Court of Appeals (Form 424)

Cross Appeal

Election to Appeal

Notice of Appeal

Notice of Docketing Record on Appeal

Petition Requesting Direct Appeal

Response to Statement of Evidence in Lieu of Transcript

Statement of Evidence in Lieu of Transcript

Statement of Issues on Appeal

Transcript Order Re: Notice of Appeal

Transmittal Memorandum Re: Appeal

Transmittal of Complete Record on Appeal

Transmittal of Record for Preliminary Hearing


Certificate of Service (Use Only for Rule 3002.1 Events)

Creditor Request for Notices

Notice of Change of Address

Notice of Mortgage Payment Change

Notice of Postpetition Mortgage Fees, Expenses, and Charges

Objection to Claim

Objection to Claim (on file with Claims Agent)

Objection to Transfer of Claim

Reaffirmation Agreement

Reaffirmation Agreement Cover Sheet

Reclassify Claims

Response to Notice of Final Cure Payment

Satisfaction of Claim

Transfer of Claim (no Waiver)

Transfer of Claim (with Waiver of Notice)

Withdraw Notice of Postpetition Mortgage Fees, Expenses, & Charges

Withdrawal of Claim




Abstention Under Section 305

Access to Tax Documents


Adequate Protection

Administrative Expenses

Allow Claims

Allow Late Filed / Amended Claims

Allow Payment Arrearages


Amended Application

Amended Motion

Appear pro hac vice

Appoint Creditors Committee

Appoint Examiner

Appoint Trustee

Appointment of Consumer Privacy Ombudsman

Approval of Examiner

Approve Agreement Re: 4001(d)

Approve Loan Modification

Assessment Group Coverage Blanket Bond Premium

Assume Lease or Executory Contract


Authority to Obtain Credit Under Section 364

Avoid Lien

Avoid Lien on Household Goods

Avoid Non-Possessory, Non-Purchase Money Lien

Bar Debtor


Cancel Meeting of Creditors

Certification to Court of Appeals

Change Venue/Inter-district Transfer - Bankruptcy

Change Venue/Inter-district Transfer - Adversary

Chapter 11 First Day motions

Close Case



Compromise or Settlement

Compromise or Settlement by Trustee under Rule 9019

Conditional Use of Case Collateral

Confirm Termination of Absence of Stay



Continuation of Utility Service Under 366(b)

Continue Hearing

Continue Meeting of Creditors

Convert Case 12 to 11

Convert Case 13 to 11

Convert Case 7 to 11

Convert Case 12

Convert Case 13

Convert Case 7

Damages for Creditor Misconduct

Declare Claim Defaults Current

Deconsolidate Case Association

Defer Fee

Delay Discharge

Deposit Funds into Court Registry

Deposit Unclaimed Funds

Determine Final Cure and Payment

Determine Mortgage Fees and Expenses

Determine Tax Liability

Disallow Claim(s)

Disburse Funds to Debtor (Trustee's)

Dismiss Debtor

Dismiss Debtor for Abuse

Dismiss Debtor for Failure to File Documents under 521(i)(1)

Dismiss Debtor for Failure to File Taxes - 521(j)(1)

Dismiss Debtor for Failure to Make Plan Payments

Dismiss Party

Dismiss Pleading/Document


Employ (Do Not Use to Employ/Appoint an Examiner)

Entry of Discharge

Establish Deadline


Exemption from Credit Counseling

Exemption from Financial Management Course

Exemption from Means Test

Expediting Hearing


Extend Automatic Stay

Extend Deadline to File Schedules

Extend Plan Payments

Extend Time

Extend Time for Credit Counseling

Extend Time to Appeal Under Rule 8002(c)

Extend Time to File Objection to Discharge

Extend Time to File Reaffirmation Agreement

Extend/Limit Exclusivity Period

Extension of Time Re: Transcript

File Amended Proof of Claim

File Claim After Claims Bar Date

Final Decree

Generic Application

Generic Motion

Generic Motion Two Part

Hardship Discharge

Impose Automatic Stay

Incur Debt

Interpleader Deposit (28 U.S.C. Section 1335)

Interpleader Disbursement (28 U.S.C. Section 1335)

Intra-district Transfer - Bankruptcy

Joint Administration

Leave to Appeal

Limit Notice

Limited Admissions

Modify Plan

Modify Plan with 21 day notice

Modify Plan with 30 day notice


More Definite Statement

Motion for Supplemental Distribution

Not Make Ongoing Mortgage Payments

Objecting to Discharge under 727(a)(8) or (a)(9) or 1328(f)


Pay Filing Fee in Installments

Preliminary Injunction

Production of Documentary Evidence

Prohibit Use Cash Collateral

Protective Order


Reaffirmation - Motion for Approval

Reclassify Claims



Redact Document

Redeem Property of the Estate

Refund Filing Fee

Reinstate Case

Reinstatement of Retiree Benefits

Reject Lease or Executory Contract

Release Funds from Court Registry

Release Registry Funds from Court Registry

Release Unclaimed Funds from Court Registry

Relief from Co-Debtor Stay

Relief from Stay

Relief from Stay with Agreed Order (No Fee)


Remove Debtor as Debtor in Possession

Remove Professional

Remove Trustee

Reopen Chapter 11

Reopen Chapter 12

Reopen Chapter 13

Reopen Chapter 15

Reopen Chapter 7

Reopen Chapter 9

Request for Certification of Direct Appeal

Reschedule Meeting of Creditors

Restrict \ Redact Document

Sale of Property under Section 363(b)


Sanctions Under USC 28 Section 1927

Sanctions for Debtor's Attorney

Sanctions for Violation of the Automatic Stay

Sanctions for Violation of the Discharge Injunction


Seal Case

Sell Property Free and Clear of Liens under Section 363(f)

Set Aside

Set Aside/Reconsider Dismissal of Debtor(s)

Set Hearing

Set Last Day to File Proofs of Claim

Setting Property Value

Sever Chapter 11 Case

Sever Chapter 12 Case

Sever Chapter 13 Case

Sever Chapter 7 Case

Shorten Time


Stay Pending Appeal


Substitute Attorney

Summary Judgment


Suspend Plan Payments

Turnover of Property

Unseal Document

Unseal Case

Use Cash Collateral


Waive Appearance

Waive Chapter 7 Filing Fee

Waive Credit Counseling

Waive Filing Fee

Waive Pay Order

Waiver of Discharge

Withdraw As Attorney

Withdraw Pleading/Document

Withdrawal of Reference




Notice (generic)

Notice (specific deadline date)

Notice - 07 day

Notice - 14 day

Notice - 21 day

Notice - 28 day

Notice - 30 day

Notice Appointing Trustee

Notice of Abandonment

Notice of Pre-Trial Conference and Trial Setting

Notice of Clerk's Intention to Communicate

Notice of Commencement of Chapter 15 Case

Notice of Deposition

Notice of Examination Pursuant to Local Rule 2004-1(a)(2)

Notice of Final Cure Mortgage Payment

Notice of Foreign Representative's Intention to Commence Case

Notice of Hearing

Notice of Modified Plan (21 day)

Notice of Modified Plan (30 day)

Notice of Mortgage Payment Change

Notice of Mortgage Payment Change (No Proof of Claim Filed)

Notice of Motion for Time Object to Ch 7 Discharge

Notice of Non Compliance - Notice of Default

Notice of Override of Preferred Address 342(e)

Notice of Postpetition Mortgage Fees, Expenses, and Charges

Notice of Proposed Abandonment of Property of the Estate

Notice of Proposed Use, Sale or Lease of Property

Notice of Sale

Notice of Voluntary Dismissal

Notice of Withdrawal

Notice to Creditors Added by Amendment

Notice to Individual Consumer Debtor - Section 342(b)






Single Order Upload

Sua Sponte Order Upload



20 Largest Unsecured Creditors

Access to Transcript


Amended Creditor Matrix (Fee)

Amended Schedules A/B, C, G, H, I, J, or J-2 (No Fee)

Amended Schedules D and/or E/F (Fee)

Amended Voluntary Petition

Appearance of Child Support Creditor (Form 2810)

Balance Sheet

Bankr. Petition Preparer's Notice, Declaration, and Signature (Form 119)

Bond Document


Cash Flow Statement

Certificate of Compliance - Payment Advices Filed with Trustee

Certificate of Compliance to UST Request

Certificate of Credit Counseling

Certificate of Service

Certificate of Service (Use Only for Rule 3002.1 Events)

Certificate of Service of Subpoena

Certificate of Service of Tax Information to Requestor

Certificate of Service of Tax Information to Taxing Authority

Certification About a Financial Management Course (Form 423)

Chapter 11 Ballot Summary and Certification

Chapter 11 Ballots

Chapter 11 Final Report and Account

Chapter 11 Statement of Monthly Income (Form 122B)

Chapter 13 Calculation of Disposable Income (Form 122C-2)

Chapter 13 Statement of Monthly Income (Form 122C-1)

Chapter 15 List

Chapter 7 Means Test Calculation (Form 122A-2)

Chapter 7 Statements - Monthly Income (122A-1) / Exemption Presumption of Abuse (122A-1Supp)

Creditor Disk/Matrix Uploaded

Creditor Request for Notices

Cure of Residential Judgment

Debtor Repayment Plan from Pre-Petition Counseling

Debtor's Election of Small Business Designation

Debtor's Rebuttal of Presumption of Abuse


Declaration About Individual Debtors Schedules (Form 106Dec)

Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury - Non-Individual (Form 202)

Disclosure of Compensation of Attorney for Debtor

Disclosure of Compensation of Bankr. Petition Preparer (Form 2800)

Disclosure of Pre-Petition Fees Paid to Debtor's Attorney (Local Form MSSB-LR-1006-1)


Document (Amended)

Domestic Support Obligations

Employee Income Records

Equity Security Holders

Exemplification Request


Exigent Circumstances re: Credit Counseling

Expenses Re: FVPS

Initial Disclosures

Initial Statement of Eviction Judgment (Form 101A)

Installment Payment

Intent to Cure Default


Involuntary Petition (Chapter 11)

Involuntary Petition (Chapter 7)

Involuntary Summons Service Executed

Involuntary Summons Service Unexecuted


Judgment Offer and Acceptance

List of Witnesses and Exhibits



Nondischargeable Debt

Notice of Appearance and Request for Notice

Notice of Change of Address

Notice of Mortgage Payment Changes

Notice of Postpetition Mortgage Fees, Expenses, and Charges

Notice of Intent to Request Transcript Redaction

Objection to Claim

Objection to Claim (on file with Claims Agent)

Objection to Debtor's Claim of Exemptions

Objection to Homestead Exemption

Objection to Professional Fees

Objection to Transfer of Claim

Objection to Valuation

Ombudsman Report

Operating Report - Chapter 11

Operating Report - Chapter 12

Operating Report - Chapter 7

Petition Foreign Proceeding (Chapter 15)

Proof of Service

Protection of Property from Damage

Reaffirmation Agreement

Reaffirmation Agreement Cover Sheet

Rebuttal of Presumption of Undue Hardship

Release From Active Duty


Report on Related Entities B26

Request for Admissions

Request for Certified Copy

Request for Debtor to File Tax Information

Request for Hearing/Status Conference

Request for Production of Document

Request for Separate Notice

Request for Telephonic Hearing

Rescission of Reaffirmation Agreement

Response to Notice of Final Cure Payment Rule 3002.1

Response to Notice of Final Cure Payment Rule 3002.1 (No Proof of Claim Filed)

Schedule A/B

Schedule C

Schedule D

Schedule E/F

Schedule G

Schedule H

Schedule I

Schedule J

Schedule J-2

Schedules (Post Conversion)


Small Business Monthly Operating Report

Social Security Number (Form 121)


Statement of Compliance

Statement of Corporate Ownership

Statement of Financial Affairs

Statement of Good Faith

Statement of Indenture Trustee Rule 2019

Statement of Intent

Statement of Operations

Statistical Summary of Certain Liabilities


Subpoena to Witness

Summary of Schedules

Supplement to Document

Supplement to Schedules I-J

Supporting Documents Re Unclaimed Funds (Document Restricted)

Tax Documents (Document Restricted)

Tax Identification Number

Transcript Redaction Request

Transcript or Audio Reproduction Request (ECRO)

Update EOUST Stats

Update Statistical Data

Voluntary Petition (Chapter 11)

Voluntary Petition (Chapter 12)

Voluntary Petition (Chapter 13)

Voluntary Petition (Chapter 7)

Voluntary Petition (Chapter 9)

Withdraw Notice of Mortgage Payment Change

Withdraw Notice of Postpetition Mortgage Fees, Expenses, & Charges


Amended Disclosure Statement

Chapter 11 Plan

Chapter 11 Small Business Plan

Chapter 12 Plan

Chapter 13 Plan

Chapter 9 Plan

Disclosure Statement

Disclosure Statement for Small Business

Modified Chapter 13 Plan

Modified Plan (Chapter 11 12 or 9)
Notice of Filing Chapter 13 Plan

Objection to Confirmation of Plan

Objection to Debtors Claim of Exemptions

Objection to Disclosure Statement

Objection to Valuation




Enter individual creditors

Upload a creditor matrix file

Edit creditors