Financial Management Course - Ch 7

Rev. 1/31/2019


Fed. R. Bankr. P. 1007(b)(7) and (c); 4004(c)(1)(H); 4006; 5009(b)


11 U.S.C. § 111; § 727(a)(11); § 1328(g)(1)


Financial Management requirements went into effect October 17, 2005 (for the Southern District of Mississippi requirement went into effect March 10, 2008)


Under 2005 Bk. Reform (BAPCPA) (subject to certain exemptions) to receive a discharge under Chapter 7 an individual debtor must complete a personal financial management course (the "Course") with an approved *Provider.  In a joint case, each debtor must complete the course.


If the Provider does not file the certificate of completion the Debtor must:


  • file Official Form 423 Certification About a Financial Management Course  no later then 60 days from the first date set for the Meeting of Creditors.


  • A debtor may not file the certificate of completion instead of the Official Form 423.


A list of approved providers is available at


Chapter 13 See: Financial Management Course - Ch 13




Cases filed before *October 17, 2005 even if the case converts, splits, or transfers.


11 U.S.C. § 727(a) makes applicable under § 109(h)(4)


Debtor is unable to complete course requirements due to one of the following reasons, the Debtor must request an exemption from the requirement.  See Exemption from Financial Management Course.


  • incapacity (mental) or disability (physical), or

  • due to being in active military duty in an active combat zone

  • debtor resides in a district the US Trustee waived the requirement



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