Debtor Failure to Appear at Meeting of Creditors

Rev. 5/15/2017


Effective October 2012 - A show cause hearing to determine if the debtor should be dismissed when the Case Trustee or United States Trustee files a proceeding memo requesting the Court dismiss the debtor for failing to appear at the meeting of creditor.


Chapter 7 Procedure:







Trustee files proceeding memo requesting the court dismiss the debtor for failing to appear at the meeting of creditors.



Set Show Cause hearing.



EE Case

KMS and NPO Case



Case Administrator ("CA") obtains show cause hearing date and time from the Courtroom Deputy and prepares the order scheduling show cause hearing.

Case Administrator ("CA") notifies Courtroom Deputy to set show cause hearing.



CA dockets show cause order.



Show cause hearing held.  Minute entry states clerk to dismiss show cause order and reschedule 341 meeting.



Chapter 7 - Continue with Steps 5-8.


Chapter 13 - Generally, the Chapter 13 trustee will submit an order dismissing show cause and rescheduling meeting.  



CA prepares and presents standard order dismissing show cause and authorizing 341 meeting be rescheduled for signature.  

Template in Gpt_Jxn_Office_Templates folder: "Order Dismiss Show Cause and Reschedule Ch 7 341".



CA dockets order: [Bankruptcy> Order/Opinions> Other Orders> Order Dismissing Show Cause]



CA obtains 341 meeting information (date, time, and location) from *frontline team member.  *Frontline team member logs the case information in the 341 meeting binder/book.



CA issues clerk's notice rescheduling 341 meeting. [Bankruptcy> Court Events> Meeting of Creditors Rescheduled (Clerk's Notice)]


Docket event:


  • Schedules 3451 meeting in CM/ECF (must input date, time, and location - see location table below)
  • Creates Clerk's Notice

    • Meeting information imported from CM/ECF to the form.

    • Notice is automatically mailed (via BNC) to all parties listed on the mailing matrix


Completing Form - n033-ntc_341_rescheduled-ch7


  • Option to select "Amended" when amending the notice

  • Input date order dismissing show cause hearing (and rescheduling 341 meeting) was entered.

  • Input Dkt. # for the order dismissing show cause hearing and rescheduling the meeting.



Division and Chapter

Location Code

Location Address

Gulfport - 7, 11, and 13

341 Mtg - Gpt - 7, 11, 13


Hancock Bank Building

2510 14th Street, Room 920

Gulfport, MS 39501


Hattiesburg - 7 and 12

341 Mtg - Hattiesburg - Ch. 7

341 Mtg - Hattiesburg - Ch. 12


William Colmer Federal Building

701 North Main Street, Room 125

Hattiesburg, MS 39401


Hattiesburg - 11

341 Mtg - Hattiesburg - Ch. 11


William Colmer Federal Building

701 North Main Street, Room 101

Hattiesburg, MS 39401


Hattiesburg 13

341 Mtg - Hattiesburg - Ch. 13


1210 West Pine Street

Hattiesburg, MS 39401


Jackson - 7, 11, 12, and 13

341 - Jackson US Courthouse Suite 1.452




United States Courthouse

501 East Court Street, Suite 1.452

Jackson, MS 39201