Certificate of Service

Rev. 12/01/2015


Pursuant to the February 1, 2010 Standing Order Requiring Certificate of Service  an individual or entity providing notice should file a certificate of service that includes a record of what was sent and to whom.


A certificate of service should be attached to the document being filed and must include information indicating how service was accomplished on any party or counsel, and what method of service was utilized.


The below docket event is used to file a Certificate of Service and/or an Amended Certificate Service independent from a document/pleading.


Docket Events:

[Bankruptcy> Other> Certificate of Service]

[Adversary> Other> Certificate of Service]


EXAMPLE - Recommended contents and format





I, John P. Jones, do hereby certify that I have this date transmitted via Electronic Case Filing, as it appears on this date in the Court registered e-filers of CM/ECF and or via U.S. Mail, postage prepared, a true and correct copy of the above and forgoing Motion for Relief from Automatic Stay to the below parties:


Electronically mailed to:


United States Trustee USTPRegion05.JA.ECF@usdoj.gov

Greg J. Hinds hgilawq-gihd@att.net

Jean Mason jmason@cableone.net

J. C. Bell, Trustee mdg@jcbell.net



Mailed via USPS to:


Angelia Spencer

P.O. Box 17

Stonewall, MS 39363



Dated this the ______ day of _______________________________, 2011.


/s/John P. Jones