Receive Separate Copies of Notices in Joint Case

Rev. 12/01/2015



A new dictionary event and case flag were added due to the December 2008 revision of Director’s Form 2010 "Notice Required by § 342(b) for Individuals Filing for  Bankruptcy”. The revision to the form occurred in conjunction with the implementation of a new Bankruptcy Noticing Center (BNC) program feature that eliminates the mailing of duplicate notices to joint debtors at the same address by sending a single copy of each notice in a jointly-addressed envelope.


As stated in the revised Form 2010, to be excepted from this feature, one of the joint debtors must file a statement with the court requesting each debtor receive a separate copy of all notices. This exception process presents new case management duties.   


There is no standard form for this statement.



Docket Event:


[Bankruptcy > Other> Request for Separate Notices]