Request for Certified Copy

Rev. 1/15/2019



A registered ECF user must electronically file all certification request and pay the required fee via the Pay.Gov.

Non-registered parties must conventionally file the certification request accompanied with the required fee with the clerk's office.


  • Certification Fee - $11 for each certified document
  • Unless the request provides a different mailing address, the clerk will mail the document to the ECF user's address of record in the CM/ECF system.





Written Request

Certification Fee  


Docket Events:


[Adversary> Other> Request for Certified Copy]

[Bankruptcy> Other> Request for Certified Copy]

[Claim Actions> Request for Certified Copy]


The number of certifications determines the certification fee.  



  • Document filed requesting three certified copies from a case

  • Fee due - $33.00  ($11.00 x 3)

  • When docketing the request the filer must:
    - leave Receipt # field blank; and
    - input 33 in the Fee field (see figure below)