Sealed Documents - Filing Process

Rev. 1/15/2019


Fed. R. Bankr. P. 9018



Records may be sealed only by motion and order of the court or by the court’s own initiative, with or without notice of hearing.   


The Clerk's office is only authorized to accept sealed documents presented in the below manner.


To remove a record from under seal see Unseal Document.



After the Court enters an order authorizing a party to file a document under seal, the party must present the document to the Clerk’s office in a sealed legal size envelope submitted in the following manner:



Front of Envelope


Back of Envelope




  • case title (name)


  • case number


  • Description of contents.


  • Title, file date, and docket entry number for the court order authorizing the party to file the document under seal.


  • Sealed envelope


  • Signature of the submitting party written across the edge of the envelope closure with transparent tape placed over the signature.


Note:   An electronic signature is unacceptable