Notice of Final Cure Mortgage Payment



Fed. R. Bankr. P. 3002.1(f)


Within 30 days after the debtor completes all payments under the plan, the trustee shall file and serve on the holder of the claim, the debtor, and debtor’s counsel a notice stating that the debtor has paid in full the amount required to cure any default on the claim.  The notice shall also inform the holder of its obligation to file and serve a response.  If the debtor contends that final cure payment has been made and all plan payments have been completed, and the trustee does not timely file and serve the notice required by this subdivision, the debtor may file and serve the notice.


Docket Events:

[Bankruptcy> Trustee/US Trustee> Notice of Final Cure Mortgage Payment]

[Bankruptcy> Notices> Notice of Final Cure Mortgage Payment]



Notice of Final Cure Payment (Director's Form 4100N)

Certificate of Service



When a proof of claim is selected during the docketing process, the entry will appear on the claims register .