OBSOLETE - Docketing Objection to Claim or Pre-Petition Secured Claim (Obsolete - Dec 1 2017)

Docket Events:

[Bankruptcy> Other > Objection to Claim]

[Bankruptcy> Claim Actions > Objection to Claim]


  • Input Case Number [Next]

  • Click on "Objection to Claim" [Next]

  • Joint filing with other attorney(s). - Do not select the box [Next]

  • Select the party(ies) filing the objection [Next]

  • Party association screen - If you do not currently represent the party this screen will appear.  Check the box(es) [Next]

  • Click [Browse], then navigate to the directory where the appropriate PDF file is located and select it with your mouse and click [Open] button. [Next]

  • Refer to existing event(s)?

    • If you are filing an "Amended" Objection:

      • Select the box [Next]

      • Select "claims" [Next]

      • Select the box for the docket event you are amending [Next]

    • If you are not filing an amended objection [Next]

  • The screen will display the message "Are you objecting to the valuation of a pre-petition secured claim?"

    • Select Yes if the objection filed by the debtor(s) proposes to reduce or eliminate the value of the property in their chapter 13 plan.


    • Select No if the objection is pursuant to Fed. R. Bankr. P. 3007(a) objecting to the allowance of a proof of claim filed by a creditor.


  • Modify docket text:  If this is an amended objection select "Amended" from the drop down box.  You may add additional text in the text field, if needed. [ Next]

  • Verify docket text [Next]

  • Notice of Electronic Filing screen appears.