Audio Reproduction Request

Rev. 12/11/2017



A party may purchase an audio recording of a court proceeding provided the court has not entered an order restricting public access.   The party must complete and submit a Request for Audio Recording of a Court Proceeding form (Local Form MSSB-436-1) and pay the reproduction fee.  Local forms are available for download from the court’s website under the Bankruptcy Forms/Fees tab.


When a party electronically files a request the party must pay the reproduction fee through the ECF system via Pay.Gov.   


When a party conventionally submits a request, the party must include the reproduction fee. Checks and money orders must be made payable to "Clerk, United States Bankruptcy Court."   As with other fees, the clerk is not authorized to accept credit cards or personal checks from a debtor.


To request an official transcript see Transcript Request.



Docket Events:


[Bankruptcy> Other> Transcript or Audio Reproduction Request (ECRO)]

[Adversary> Other> Transcript or Audio Reproduction Request (ECRO)]




Request Form (Local Form MSSB-436-1)

Filing Fee


 Important:  Select "No" on the "Is This Request for an Official Transcript?" screen when requesting an audio recording (not a transcript).