Transcript (Transcriber Filing Process)

Rev. 1/15/2019


28 U.S.C. § 753


Transcriber's Docketing Process


Step 1


From the main menu bar click the applicable case type: Bankruptcy or Adversary



Step 2


Click File a Transcript



Step 3


Enter case number.  


Click Next.



Step 4


Select Transcript.


Click Next.





Step 5


Upload Transcript.

Internet Explorer or Firefox - Click Browse


Chrome - Click Choose File





Select PDF file from filer's computer, etc...


Click Open.


Click Next.


Step 6


Display Warning Message.


Click Next.




Step 7


Refer to existing event(s)?


Click check box.


Click Next.




Step 8


Click check box next to related transcript order (docket entry).  


Click Next.




Step 9


Enter transcript information:


  1. Date Proceeding Heard

  2. Matter Being Heard

  3. Transcriber’s Name

  4. Transcriber’s Address

  5. Transcriber’s Phone Number


Click Next.


Note: This information will appear in the docket text.




Step 10


Redaction Deadlines.


Click Next.




Step 11


Click Next.




Step 12.


Review docket text for accuracy.


Click Next.




Step 13


Notice of Electronic Filing (filing receipt).