Transcript Request by a Party

Rev. 1/29/2019


28 U.S.C. § 753(b)



S.D. Miss. Bankruptcy Court uses an Electronic Court Reporting Operator (ECRO) system to digital record court proceedings.


Any party may request a transcript of a recorded court proceeding.  Transcript instructions and request forms are available for download from the court’s web site or at the Clerk’s Office.  


The transcriber contacts the requestor for payment of the transcription fee. The transcription rate is set by the Judicial Conference.  At the time the official transcript is docketed, a notice of filing is issued to the parties to the case and court proceeding providing the transcribers contact information.


Request for copies of a transcript must be submitted directly to the transcriber and not the clerk.


See Transcript of Court Proceedings for additional transcript information.  

See Audio Recording Request for requesting an audio recording.





Transcript Order Form (Local Form - MSSB-435-1)


Transcript relates to an appeal see Transcript Ordered Re: Notice of Appeal


Docket Events - Non Appeal:


[Bankruptcy> Other> Transcript or Audio Reproduction Request (ECRO]

[Adversary> Other> Transcript or Audio Reproduction Request (ECRO]


Important:  Select "Yes" on the "Is This Request for an Official Transcript?" screen when requesting an official transcript.