Transcript Request - No Hearing/Proceeding Recorded


Transcript or audio recording request filed but the hearing/proceeding was not recorded:


  1. ECRO confirms that the hearing/proceeding was not recorded.

  2. Transcript processor:

  • Notifies the requestor the hearing/proceeding was not recorded and the transcript or audio recording request can not be processed.

  • Add a comment at the bottom of the request form documenting the party was notified; docket the document as a private entry.

  • Notify a supervisor (or a person authorized to edit docket entries) to edit the docket text for the request. See below.

  • Notify the financial administrator when the request is for an audio recording.  The financial administrator will review to determine whether a filing fee was paid and obtains clerk's permission to provide refund.




Request for Official Transcript Filed by Creditor Trustmark National Bank c/o William H. Leech (RE: related document(s)[168] Hearing Set). (Leech, William) *Modified on 6/26/2014 - Hearing/Proceeding not recorded.  Requestor notified via email/phone on June 30, 2014 by Ethel Franklin (Derouen, Collette).