Transmittal/Payment of Unclaimed Funds

Rev. 1/15/2019


Fed. R. Bankr. P. 3011


11 U.S.C. § 347(a)


28 U.S.C. § 2041



Pursuant to  In a chapter 7, 12, or 13 within 90 days after the final distribution, the trustee must stop payment on any check remaining unpaid, and any remaining property of the estate must be paid into the court.  See 11 U.S.C. § 347(a)


The trustee must file a list (the "List of Unclaimed Funds") of the names and addresses of the entities and the amounts which they are entitled.  See Fed. R. Bankr. P. 3011


The trustee should use the below docket event to file List of Unclaimed Funds and pay the funds through the ECF system (Pay.Gov).   Funds may be paid by direct debit from a bank account (ACH) or via credit card.


See Transmittal of Unclaimed Funds when filing a List of Unclaimed Funds without paying the funds online through Pay.Gov.



Docket Event:


[Bankruptcy>Trustee/US Trustee>Transmittal/Payment of Unclaimed Funds]




Filing and Payment Process:

Step 1

From the main menu bar click Bankruptcy



Step 2

Select Trustee/US Trustee> Transmittal/Payment of Unclaimed Funds.

Click Next



Step 3

Select the trustee. Click Next



Step 4

When using the trustee’s login and password uncheck the attorney/party association box. Click Next




Step 5

Click Next



Note: The Trustee's List of Unclaimed Funds must be case specific.


Step 6

Attach list (PDF document). Click Next



Step 7

Enter the following information:


a. Total amount being paid into the court registry (transmitted).


b. Name of each claimant. (Use a comma to separate multiple claimants)


c. Click Next



Step 8



Review and modify docket text (if applicable). Click Next


Note:  If the information is incorrect stop the filing process and start over at Step 1.  Do Not use the “Back” browser button.



Step 9

Review Final Docket Text. Click Next



Step 10

Payment Screen - Click Pay Now



Step 11

Click the check box for the related fee. Click Next



Step 12

Click Pay Now




Bank Account (ACH) Payment Instructions:


Step 1

Enter Payment Information


• Fields followed by an asterisk (*) are required.

• “Account Holder Name” defaults to the user account information in ECF.

• Changing the information does not change the user’s ECF account.



After entering the required information, click the Continue with ACH Payment button.  The Authorize Payment window will display.


Step 2

Authorize Payment


  1. Payment Summary: Review information for accuracy. To make changes click Edit this Information.

  2. Email Confirmation Receipt (Option):  Enter the email address to receive confirmation receipt of payment.  Enter the same email address in the "Confirm Email Address" field.

  3. Authorization and Disclosure: Select the check box to authorize the debit transaction.

  4. Submit Payment:  Click the Submit Payment button once.  Pressing the button more than once may result in multiple charges.



Step 5

Payment Confirmation:  After the transaction has processed, a transaction confirmation screen will appear providing the transaction number and fee description. ECF will automatically docket a receipt for payment.


Step 6

Printing a Transaction Receipt:  The transaction screen has a link for printing a transaction receipt.  If you provided an email address in the "Email Confirmation Receipt" section, Pay.Gov will email a transaction receipt.