Trustee's Report of Distribution and Application for Discharge (TDR)

Rev. 1/15/2019



Upon the completion of a chapter 7 asset case, the trustee *or a representative of the US Trustee on behalf of the chapter 7 trustee files a distribution report certifying the estate has been fully administered and request trustee be discharged.


The below docket event sets a 30 day deadline for the US Trustee to:


  • docket a virtual entry stating the distribution report and application was reviewed; or   

  • file an objection to the report; which is set for hearing.



Docket Event:


[Bankruptcy> Trustee/US Trustee> Trustee’s Report of Distribution and Application for Discharge (TDR)]


Objection Period Expires:



Then Case Administrator...

Objection filed

Notifies courtroom deputy to schedule a hearing


No objection filed

Reviews case to close


Docket Event:

[Bankruptcy> Orders/Opinions> Other Orders> Closing Case (ALL CHAPTERS)]