Bankruptcy Forms/Fees

Major Revisions to Official Bankruptcy Forms - Effective December 1, 2015

Attorneys and other registered filers should prepare for this major revision of bankruptcy forms:

  • Contacting your bankruptcy software vendor to insure your software is updated in order to meet the new forms requirements.
  • Review new Official Bankruptcy Forms and make sure your office procedures are adjusted to gather such information during client interviews, etc.

One significant revision relates to the bankruptcy petition which will be replaced with five new bankruptcy petitions:

Official Form B1 Voluntary Petition will be replaced by:

-  Official Form 101 - Voluntary Petition for Individuals
-  Official Form 201 - Voluntary Petition for Non-Individual
-  Official Form 401 - Chapter 15 Petition for Recognition of a Foreign Proceeding

Official Form B5 Involuntary Petition will be replaced by:

- Official Form 105 – Involuntary Petition Against an Individual
- Official Form 205 – Involuntary Petition Against a Non-Individual

We will be providing additional information throughout the month of November leading up to the implementation date of December 1.