Bankruptcy Forms/Fees

Bankruptcy Fees Increase and Revised Official Forms

Effective December 1, 2016

Fee Description (PDF) Current
Amendment to Schedule of Creditors, List of Creditors, or Mailing List $30 $31
Motion to:
  • Terminate, Annul, Modify or Condition Automatic Stay
  • Compel Abandonment of Property of the Estate
  • Withdraw Reference of Case or Proceeding
  • Sell Property Free and Clear of Liens Under 11 USC § 363(f)
$176 $181
Exemplification of Any Document $21 $22
Reproduction of Audio Recording $30 $31
Conducting Search of Bankruptcy Records $30 $31
Filing Document Not Related to Pending Case or Proceeding $46 $47


Form Description

Form 410S2
Notice of Post Petition Mortgage Fees, Expenses, and Charges

Instructions in Part 1 revised to clarify how to report previously approved fees, expenses, or charges. Revision replaces the prior instruction not to report any amounts previously ruled on by the bankruptcy court.

Form 420A
Notice of Motion or Objection
(formerly B20A)

Form 420B
Notice of Objection to Claim
(formerly B20B)

Revised to update form numbers to conform to the numbering style established by the Bankruptcy Form Modernization project.