Rules/Orders/ Procedures


Summary of Amendments to Local Bankruptcy Rules

Effective December 1, 2013


Amends current local rule:

Requires a creditor to request modification of a confirmed plan when a proof of claim on secured property of the debtor is timely filed, but filed after the plan has been confirmed and the claim was not included in the plan.


New local rule:

Directs that all ballots in Chapter 11 Reorganization be filed with the plan proponent; requires plan proponent to prepare and file a Ballot Summary and Certification (with copies of ballots) with the Court at least three days prior to confirmation hearing.

Note: Local form available - Chapter 11 Ballot Summary and Certification (MSSB-LR-3018)


Amends current local rule:

Requires a motion for relief from automatic stay to also include the basis for any request to waive or reduce the 14-day stay even when the moving creditor, debtor(s), and trustee agree to the waiver or reduction.


New local rule:

Establishes a policy and procedure for handling of court exhibits consistent with the Uniform Local Rule for the District Courts.