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ECF e-Orders FAQs

What is e-Orders

  • A program that allows attorneys and trustees to directly upload proposed orders into the ECF system.
  • e-Orders will replace the current process of submitting proposed orders by email.

When will e-Orders go in effect

  • December 30, 2013

What are the benefits

  • Attorneys and trustees can check the status of proposed orders uploaded to ECF.
  • Attorneys and trustees can replace a proposed order with a revised order.
  • Attorneys and trustees are already accustomed to filing documents in ECF. ECF filers will use the "Order Upload" event, much like filing other documents in a case.
  • Because proposed orders are uploaded directly to ECF, the filer will not be required to name the PDF document.

What changes will I need to make

  • New formatting requirements for proposed orders:
    • 1st page - 3 inch top margin; subsequent pages 1 inch top margin.
    • Do not include the text "So Ordered" or a signature line.
    • Include an ending notation ##END OF ORDER## below the last paragraph of the order.
  • New method for submission of proposed orders.
    • Proposed orders will be uploaded to the ECF system consistent with other filings. Filers will no longer submit proposed orders through email.