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Debtor Email Notification Overview

What is Debtor Email Notification?

A FREE service allowing debtors to receive court notices and orders from the bankruptcy court by email rather than U.S. mail.

How does it work?

Debtor signs and files a Request for Email Notification of Debtor (Local Form MSSB-9036). The court registers the debtor for an account, the debtor receives a confirmation email, and the debtor activates the account by clicking on a link in the confirmation email.

Once an account is activated, all future court orders and court-generated notices are sent via email to the debtor as a PDF attachment. A separate email is sent for each court order or notice.

There is no cost to view, print or save the PDF attachment.

Large PDF attachments (exceeding 8 MB) will be sent by U.S. Mail to the debtor's mailing address.

What are Court Notices and Orders?

Court orders and notices are documents filed by the court including:

  • Notice of Meeting of Creditors
  • Deficiency Notices
  • Hearing Notices
  • Notice of Requirement to Complete Course in Financial Management
  • Notice of Dismissal
  • Order Confirming Chapter 13 Plan
  • Order Discharging Debtor
  • Order Closing the Case

Who Can Send Emails to a Debtor?

Only the court can send emails to a debtor. All other parties, including creditors and trustees, must continue to serve documents upon the debtor according to court rules, i.e. by U.S. mail, overnight mail, or personal delivery.

Length of Enrollment:

Once the debtor's account is activated, the account remains active until:

  1. The account is disabled because of an email delivery failure "bounce-back";
  2. The debtor files a deactivation request with the court. (See Local Form MSSB-9036);
  3. Debtor does not update mailing address with the Court, and the address no longer matches the mailing address on the account.

How Does a Debtor Sign Up?

  1. Complete and sign Local Form MSSB-9036
  2. File the completed form with the Clerk's Office. The form can be filed over the counter (via mail or in person) or electronically by the debtor's attorney through the ECF system selecting the docket event [Bankruptcy > Other > Debtor Request Re: Email Notification]

Note: In a joint case, each debtor must file a separate request, even if the debtors use the same email address.

Keep the Court Informed:

The debtor must file Local Form MSSB-9036 if one of the following occurs:

  • Email address changes.
  • Debtor files a new bankruptcy case.
  • Debtor wishes to terminate email notification.

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