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Requirements for Email Notification for Debtors:

1. Reliable Internet Access

2. Email Account

  • A request may be denied if the court deems the debtor's email address to be inappropriate or offensive.
  • The debtor will receive confirmation emails and court notices from the following email addresses

  • Do not reply to these email addresses as they are not monitored for responses. Responses to court orders and notices should be filed as a proper pleading with the Court.
  • All questions regarding email notification should be addressed to the Clerk's Office. (Jackson 601-608-4600 Gulfport 228-563-1790)
  • To ensure court notices are not reported as SPAM or Junk Mail the debtor should add the above email addresses to their contacts/safe-sender list

3. Adobe Reader

Latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

4. Register

To register for email notification the debtor must file a Request for Email Notification of Debtor (Local Form MSSB-9036) with the Clerk's Office.

The request can be filed over the counter (via mail or in person ) or electronically by the debtor's attorney through the ECF system selecting the docket event: [Bankruptcy > Other > Debtor Electronic Noticing Request]

In a joint case, each debtor must file a separate request, even if the debtors use the same email address.

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